Monday, 30 January 2012

The World Championships in pictures and video.

Well I'm about to go to Paris to see my sister off, who kindly came and watched the race, so I dont have time to post a report, but I'll write it up either on the way there/back. In the meantime, enjoy some videos and photos of the race.
It was ridiculous. 61,000 people. A record crowd for CX.
30,000L of beer.
An atmosphere I will never forget.
During the practice laps I was re-doing a few tricky sections where most of the fans were. Won a few new supporters after getting the crowd to give me a slow clap to get me through, and it actually worked! People were saying I was getting a better reception than the leaders during the race!
This video is best watched without sound but you can see the crowd going crazy, thanks Dieter Meerts!
Then this one was a tricky sandy climb which I again had to redo a few times during practice. Michiel De Clerq filmed my last succesful attempt, you can hear the crowd go crazy in this one.

Kristof Mellemans took this photo in the sand:
Lydia Van de Meerssche took this photo down one of the flyovers:

Kris Claeye: The owner of the magnificent photo that is my title pic, took this photo of me right after nailing the sandy section in practice (just after that video)

And this one when I was thanking the crowd for their support.

I'll save a few pics for the actual write up, but it was the best thing I've ever done in my life, and something I'll likely never get to experience again; that is a big tick next to "represent Australia at something" on my bucket list.


  1. Hi Lewis

    Sunday you were the favorite of the Flemish audience.
    I enjoyed your performance, good luck

  2. hey Lewis
    send some more Aussies over next year