Saturday, 23 June 2012

SRAM - CX season has begun!

So CX season is finally upon us, and the Dirty Deeds prologue was run last week. It was great to be able to get out and race the cross bike again, and the two short races were a perfect way to begin cross season; painful but not quite long enough to be draining. It was held at Brinswick Velodrome, just on the grass inside. Sounds boring, but the course the DDCX crew made up was very very cool. Hard to describe, but there was a corkscrew section, which made me very dizzy. Check out the video of one of the other heats here:

I won my heat (the field was split into a number of heats) in the scratch race, and finished second last in the handicap (I had to do an extra lap!).

You may notice some new pictures on the right hand side, as I've been lucky enough to score some support from a few generous companies. I'll go through them one post at a time, beginning with Sram.

Sram Australia have come onboard and decked out my TCX Advanced with a full Sram Red groupset, the bikes dropped about 400g compared to my old setup. The race was it's second ever hitout and it is ridiculous. Nice crisp shifts and I can throw the chain right up the cassette easily! Very very happy!
Sram have a fantastic presence on the local road, mtb and cross scene, and they are often sponsoring events and providing neutral support. I'm stoked to be able to ride for these guys, it also helps that the gear is second to none!

I'll keep everyone updated with my other sponsors over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

I'd also like to thank Brian Mangano for letting me use his picture as my title picture. Brian takes some awesome photos at the CX races, and will be travelling to the National Rounds to shoot the series. If you're keen on purchasing some snaps from the races, visit his website at 

I've also decided to bite the bullet and go race NZ CX Nationals in Napier. Heading over for a week to make a trip out of it. It'll be interesting to see how I go, as there are some fairly fast looking blokes racing! And Katie Compton's husband, who'll undoubtably be pretty fast...


  1. Hey Lewi

    are u coming back to Belgium this season ?



    1. Hi Geert,
      I'm hoping to go to the USA next season, instead of Belgium, but I'm not entirely sure yet!


    2. Thanks Lewi

      well should be a sensible thing to do in preps for WC in Louisville next year

      still would have been fun watching you to race back in Belgium