Monday, 27 August 2012

A win at last - DDCX Rapha Supercross

At the knoll photography
CX in Australia has really stepped it up this year. I knew the competition was going to be tough, but I had held some expectations of myself to be able to come away with a win or two. Until now the win has remained elusive, and it was with a mixture of joy and relief that I crossed the finish line first yesterday.

DDCX put on awesome events and partnered with Brunswick Cycling Club on Brunswick Velodrome, it is a special course as it was not only my first race, but my first win two years ago. This race was sponsored by Rapha as part of a number of races world wide named "supercross." An awesome turn out and I'd almost say the best atmosphere at a cross race yet, there were heaps of people making heaps of noise. Yesterday was what bike racing was all about for me, whether I ended up winning or not. The crowd get into it, and all the racers are grinning despite putting themselves through physical hell.

I got off to what is now a trademark shithouse start, pulling a foot out of the pedal and into the spokes...smooth. Sitting in 15th or so, I saw Luke Fetch and AJ off the front already, with Allen Iacuone and Paul Redenbach not far behind. I was able to weave my way through all the riders, and avoid the carnage on the off camber descent, eventually catching Allen at lap 2 or 3. I reeled in AJ, then Luke and was able to gap them both, but took Allen with me, sticking to my wheel like glue. This was a little concerning, as Allen is a very experienced racer, and would probably roll me if it came down to the wire. I made the most of some misfortune on Allens part when he slid out on a tarmac section, and made sure I rode smooth, took it easy on the slippery stuff, and hammered the smooth stuff to eventually hold off everyone else for the win. Such a nice feeling to win a bike race again! It feels like quite a while, and to beat such awesome riders makes it that much better.
At the knoll photography

Whilst in NZ I got chatting to Mark Legg, Katie Compton (world #2 woman)'s husband and coach. He's been destroying me for the last 4 weeks, and even though it's early days, it's already paying off, I just need to work on my race start!

Thanks to all my awesome sponsors who you can see down the side of this post, but also thanks to all the people making noise out on course, the organizers, BWK CC, volunteers etc etc. Without all these guys the races wouldn't exist/wouldn't be half as fun.


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  1. nice work dude, you came through me super clean and then disappeared.

    anyway, you've got to love a race where the extent of the bike cleaning is to flick off a few mud clumps.