Tuesday, 22 January 2013


 Well Hoogeheide didn't go as well as I'd hoped. The temperature was hovering around -5, and the course was covered in snow and extremely slippery on the corners. I probably haven't really been riding outside enough in these conditions to be familiar with it, and it really took me by surpise.

  There was one tricky descent which thankfully had inflatable padding at the bottom, but this turned out to be the least of my troubles. The corners on the flat is where I had the most issues and I managed to crash three times during my time on the course! Knowing that there wouldn't be much to gain by taking any unnecessary risks, I decided to tone it back a bit and just play it safe, enjoy myself, entertain the crowd and relish the oppurtunity to race a World Cup in the snow. I didn't want to break anything with only two weeks until worlds!

 I got a mention from the TV commentators for being the only male rider without leg warmers on. Truth is, I put some Extra Hot Qoleum Embrocation on about an hour before the start, so by the time I left to the start line my legs were on fire!

 It was a little bit frustrating to not be able to finish on a high, but I can take some comfort in the fact that my legs and chest felt great, it was just my cornering on the icy sections. I'm working on it this week, to try and familiarise myself with it. Fingers crossed we don't get any ice in Louisville. Judging by the long term forecast, it could go either way.

 This run up was a nightmare. Perhaps it was because my studs were worn out, but I couldn't get any grip going up here! So icy and slippery!

Despite the poor result, I enjoyed myself out there, and it was quite amazing to be able to race in so much snow. The crowd were supportive, and I think I gave them something to cheer for on my final few laps. It was also fantastic to see a relative outsider, Martin Bina take his first World Cup win, and the first non Belgian podium since 2001. I'm a fan of underdogs!


  1. Hey Lewis, that looks insane!!! Good luck with the worlds

  2. After seeing a clip from the race I've reached 6 words understood on a Sporza broadcast. "Australian Lewis Rattray" are the latest 3.

    PS. that beard is kind of ginger.