Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Finding some form...

So, I'm finally starting to see a bit of form come back my way, it's reassuring to know that the fitter you are, the quicker it all comes back. Just as well I was as fit as I've ever been when I had the crash! I had a great race down at Hawthorn the other week. 4 man break with Floris from Drapac, and a couple of other blokes, we worked off the front for about 10 minutes before 2 laps to go and Floris turned it on. The win was his, so the rest of us played around and raced for second. I snuck into the front on the final corner, put my hands on the drops (thanks for the tip Roeland!) and let rip, somehow managing to get 2nd! First A Grade podium on the road, happy days. Last week I also had a succesful outing, winning a intermediate sprint, but I pulled out on the last lap after some bloke caught his saddle on my bars. No risks necessary!
Here's a video of the finish. 
A Grade Finish.

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