Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Back into the swing of things...

So I had a refreshing break in Malaysia, perfect down time, yet realised that I had about 4.5 weeks till I race A-Grade Tour of Bright. Shit. Its possibly the toughest amateur cycling race in Oz, and I have a handful of weeks to train for it. Anyway, coach Jono has set me to work, and I've been smashing rides with him, Scott and Roeland in order to get some form back. 2 weeks in and I'm feeling good. Had an animated Hawthorn Crit last week where I ended up 5th in a small but relatively strong group. It was my first race in about 2 months; bloody painful, but it should get me some form pretty quickly I hope.

I also got an awesome new roadie thanks to Giant. I'm saving my pennies for Belgium, so its the Ultegra model, but it absolutely rips! My last TCR Advanced was the best roadie I've ridden, but the 2012 model trumps that again. Stiff, light and comfortable, such a cliche, but it's no joke here. Anyway, its an absolute beauty, and the Giant branded DT wheels are awesome.
Training setup with my new Garmin 800...
Arm is pretty much better but can be a tiny bit uncomfortable at times, just gotta pick my lines well! As a precaution I rock this rad extreme arm guard to make me look a little like terminator.
Ill put a pic up in my next post.
Now I'm home I'll be updating this more regularly as I get closer to leaving on a big jet plane to Belgium...

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  1. Damn, now I want a new Giant... Congrats on a nice crit ride,keep up the good work and you'll do great things in the Belgian mud!!!