Saturday, 24 December 2011

Safe Arrival!

I managed to squeeze everything into two bike boxes and one massively overweight carry on bag. 7kg limit for carry on, and I had 14! Anyway, the lady at the counter was friendly enough and I didnt have to pay any excess. So far so good.
It was a fairly long flight from Melbourne-Doha-Brussels. I got about 6 hrs sleep all up, thanks to some screaming babies that travelled with me on both flights. Qatar airlines is awesome though, and I'd reccomend them for anyone flying long distances. Good food, good service and no broken bikes at the airport.

At Brussels airport, I was greeted by my generous hosts, Roeland, Rose and little monster Peppa, as well as Roeland's Dad, Frank. Frank is a racer from way back and has over 100 wins to his name! Here's a link to his story.

Roeland and Rose's joint is awesome, in quiet town with cobbles and awesome bike paths.

We went for a short ride just to roll the legs over, the path next to the river will be ideal for training.
(Mad action photo skillz)
By late afternoon I was struggling big time. We put the bikes together and ate typical flemish food. Everything is double fried! See that bright orange rectangle? Its stir-fried noodles in batter! Tasty though.

Thats a balanced meal right? I guess it has a bit of everything, carbs, protein, fat...

I've managed to secure some more race starts, thanks to Roeland for getting in touch with ex World Champ Erwin Vervecken. I'm even getting some cash to help with transport costs! How crazy is that? Imagine if they paid you to race Dirty Deeds? (I would happily pay more than $10 to race DD though!)

The World Cup is on monday and we're checking out the course on Sunday! Pumped! This is all happening! I got my team Aus skinsuit in the mail as well, and gave it a run around before I left.
 Massive post, as you might be able to imagine I am struggling to believe that this dream of mine is becoming a reality. Next post will be a massive thank you to all those who made or are making this possible!

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