Friday, 16 December 2011

World Cup Berth!

I am absolutely stoked to announce that I will be starting the Heusden-Zolder Cyclocross World Cup on the 26/12! This has been qhat I once thought to be an impossible dream for a couple of years now. Initially I wanted to do a MTB world cup, but CX seems to suit me a fair bit more. It's a big step up in competition to what I'm used to, but this will purely be a learning experience. If I can beat a couple of guys I'll be ecstatic with the result. I arrive in Brussels on the 23rd, so it will be quite a transition from here, (30 degrees) to there (0 degrees). Fingers crossed it isn't like last year....

I have a feeling an Aussie has raced a CX world cup before, can anyone confirm this?

Big thanks to sponsors Giant, Schwalbe (new sponsor), the crew at St Kilda Cycles, VeloLab, Qoleum, Trisport.


  1. Luke Stockwell even did worlds back in the ninties.

  2. Hell yeah!

    Ride strong and keep them elbows out!

  3. Great stuff Lewis. Well done. We're all barracking for you. Blow 'em away!

  4. Andy is Right. Luke was the man.Beat me and everyone to it. It could have been in teh Netherlands or Belgium his race. I thought it was in the early 2000's.
    Give it everything Lewis.Tell everyone how you went about securing your start position.